Dan Coffey

Welcome to dcoffey.net

A little about me

I love a good challenge

I've always enjoyed learning new technologies and solving problems. I've found that this also gives me an appreciation for things that work well.

I am currently into: taking a deeper dive into FFMPEG, slow motion photo booths, and the Phantom, just to name a few.

Personal Interests

When not engrossed in the production of CS50, I fill my time with some of the following:

  • I love to scuba dive;
  • I cook as much good food as I can;
  • I discover the joys of being a new homeowner with my wife Sarah;
  • I love to snap pics;
  • And if there's time left over, Xbox.

i'm not one to overshare

However I do own the following social media accounts.

Enough about me...